ACOEM and OEM History

Occupational medicine (OM) is a board-certified specialty under the Ameraican Board of Preventive Medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. Learn more about careers in OEM.

An Introduction to Occupational and Environmental Medicine

This video provides a comprehensive overview of the specialty of OEM.

The History and Future Direction of ACOEM and OEM
This slide deck introduces physicians, employees, employers, and the public to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the field occupational and environmental medicine (OEM). The program describes the rich history of ACOEM and the specialty, explores OEM challenges, and discusses the future of ACOEM and the specialty.

ACOEM Centennial 1916 - 2016
Founded in 1916, ACOEM is the nation's largest medical society dedicated to promoting the health of workers through preventive medicine, clinical care, research, and education. Learn more about the organization and development of ACOEM.