Council on Education and Academic Affairs (COEAA)

The Council on Education and Academic Affairs is responsible for planning, coordination, and implementation of all ACOEM-sponsored educational activities. This includes responsibility for all educational programming offered through conferences, seminars, free-standing courses, scientific sessions, distance-learning and enduring materials, and other educational resources that are ACOEM-sponsored CME activities. The Council is the deliberative body within ACOEM charged with the innovation and development of CME activities that address educational needs using state of the art methods and programming. The Council also serves as a forum for issues in training and research, monitor developments in the national system for preparing occupational physicians, and assist with College relations with external bodies central to the training and certification (by whatever means) of occupational physicians. The Council will assure appropriate educational offerings in response to issues facing occupational health professionals. 


  1. Provides general direction for conference planning and suggest specific policies and procedures relevant to the conduct of conferences.
  2. Facilitates coordination and continuity between conference programs and on overall long-term curriculum planning.
  3. Fosters continuous evaluation and quality improvement of conferences.
  4. Provides advice, support and ideas to conference program planners (as part of a team that includes program planners, Council members, and ACOEM staff).
  5. Facilitates gathering and analyzing information about conferences including demographics of audiences, needs assessments and meeting evaluations.
  6. Works to identify and develop synergies between conference activities and other educational and scientific activities and products.
  7. Participates in developing long-term strategies for ACOEM conferences along with other components of the College.

Joint Sponsorship
For all programs accredited through ACOEM joint sponsorship, the Council is responsible for assuring that ACOEM complies with the Essential Areas and Elements and Accreditation Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). A designated Council member will have primary responsibility for these issues.

Enduring Materials
The Council is responsible for researching, developing, and maintaining enduring materials and other forms of distance learning according to the mandates of the ACCME. Free-Standing Courses Free-standing courses are defined by ACOEM as postgraduate-level offerings of one or more days that, because of content, will require frequent and/or repeated offering. The Council has the full responsibility for the development of such courses (generally through an RFP process), their marketing, delivery, and evaluation. Courses may be offered before or after regularly scheduled conferences and at other times deemed appropriate by the committee, the ACOEM office, and/or the ACOEM Board of Directors.  

COEAA Members:

  • Emily L. Bannister, MD, MPH
  • Catherine D. Boomus, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Robert M. Bourgeois, MD, MPH, FACOEM (Chair)
  • John W. Burress, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Marianne Cloeren, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Andrew E. Floren, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACOEM
  • Constantine J. Gean, MD, MS, MBA, MRO, FACOEM
  • Robin F. Griffiths, MBCHB, FAFOM, FFOM, MPP, FACOEM
  • Gretchen C Guzek, MD, MPH
  • Jeffrey S. Harris, MD, MPH, MBA, FACOEM
  • Pamela A. Hymel, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Denece O. Kesler, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Francesca K. Litow, MD, MPH, MRO, FACOEM
  • Douglas W. Martin, MD, FAADEP, FAAFP, FACOEM
  • Ismail Nabeel, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Heather M. O'Hara, MD, MSPH, FACOEM
  • Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACPM, FACOEM
  • Mark A. Roberts, MD, MPH, PhD, FACOEM (Vice Chair)
  • Jill A. Rosenthal, MD, MPH, MA, FACOEM (Vice Chair)
  • James P. Seward, MD, MPP, MMM, FACOEM
  • Akbar Sharip, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Melanie Stanton (ACOEM Staff Liaison)
  • Lee P. Wugofski, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Andrew C. Yorgason, DO, MPH, FACOEM