Council on Public Affairs (COPA)

The Council on Public Affairs is responsible for developing recommendations for ACOEM policies and/or positions as they relate to proposed legislation and/or regulation at the federal and state levels. Recommendations are provided to the President, Executive Committee or Board of Directors as appropriate. The Council may also, at the request of the President, take the lead in drafting communications to federal agencies pertaining to key occupational and environmental issues. The Council, likewise, monitors international occupational health policy issues works to maintain mutually supportive relationships, from a policy perspective, with occupational medicine societies in foreign countries. 

COPA Members:

  • Jonathan Borak, MD, FACOEM
  • William G. Buchta, MD, MPH, MS, FACOEM
  • Marianne Dreger, MA (ACOEM Staff Liaison)
  • Constantine J. Gean, MD, MS, MBA, MRO, FACOEM
  • Rebecca Guest, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Blythe L. Hardy, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Marilyn V. Howarth, MD, FACOEM
  • Thomas Warner Hudson, III, MD, FAAFP, FACOEM
  • Pamela A. Hymel, MD, MPH, FACOEM (Vice Chair)
  • Marc Leffer, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Michael J. Levine, MD, MPH, FACOEM (Co-Chair)
  • Ronald R. Loeppke, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACOEM (Vice Chair)
  • Raúl Alexander Mirza, DO, MPH, MS, FACOEM
  • Patrick C. O'Connor (ACOEM Staff Liaison)
  • Paul J. Papanek, MD, MPH, FACOEM (Co-Chair)
  • William Brett Perkison, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Lawrence William Raymond, MD, FACP, SM, FACOEM
  • Yusef Sayeed, MD, MPH, MRO, BSEE, COHC, CPH, MEng
  • Brian C. Svazas, MD, MPH, FACOEM