Public Comments

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ACOEM Supports National Drug Clearinghouse

ACOEM supports a National Clearinghouse tol improve the process of identifying commercial drivers who should not be performing safety-sensitive functions because of a violation of agency drug and alcohol testing regulations.

ACOEM Comments on DOT Guidance Documents

ACOEM believes there is a need for the DOT to take a more active role in distributing guidance to its intended audiences. Interested parties, such as medical examiners, may be unaware that such guidance exists or overlook its importance given that it is not regulatory.

ACOEM Comments on Healthy People 2030

ACOEM responds to DHHS' proposed objectives for Healthy People 2030.

ACOEM Addresses Proposed Rule Changes to Allow Teens to Use Patient Lifts in Health Care Settings

ACOEM supports wide use of mechanical hoists in health care to reduce injuries to younger health care personnel.

ACOEM Responds to OSHA Proposed Rulemaking on Tracking Workplace Injuries/Illnesses

ACOEM comments on OSHA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses.

ACOEM Responds to Proposed Changes to 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

ACOEM provides recommendations to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on proposed changes to Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2019.

ACOEM Expresses Concerns to EPA Regarding Agency's Proposed Rule on Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science

ACOEM responds to EPA proposed rule on strengthening transparency in regulatory science.  

ACOEM Comments to FDA on Opioid Prescribing Activity

ACOEM response to FDA's January 30 Opioid Policy Steering Committee hearing prescribing intervention.

ACOEM Issues Commitment Statement on NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Resilience and Well-being

ACOEM supports NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Resilience and Well-being addressing physician burnout.