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Read the latest ACOEM press releases regarding occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) issues.
Marijuana Users More Likely to Be Fired or Laid Off

Marijuana users more likely to be fired or laid off.

Bullying at Work Affects Mental Health — Even in Bystanders

Division-level impact shows 'contextual effect' of workplace bullying.

Studying Total Worker Health: Research Methods and Measures

Experts seek to build the research base for TWH approach.

High Rate of Drug/Alcohol-Related Deaths in WTC Survivors

People exposed to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center have elevated rates of alcohol- or drug-related death.

Computer Prompts to Take Breaks from Sitting Lead to Lower Blood Pressure

A computer app prompting desk workers to take breaks from sitting leads to significant and lasting reductions in blood pressure.

Time for Employers to Consider Social Determinants of Health

A wide range of social factors have a major influence on employees' health and the employers' bottom line.

Defining Worker Well-Being — Experts Propose New Framework

New framework identifies important concepts for use in assessing worker health and well-being.

Higher 'Culture of Health' Scores Linked to Lower Health Care Cost Trends

Companies with higher culture of health assessment scores show more progress in controlling health costs.

Productive Aging Is Key to Addressing the Aging Workforce

Experts outline elements of a framework for productive aging.