Article XIII. Indemnification

Section 1. Indemnification

To the full extent specifically authorized by and in accordance with applicable laws, the College may indemnify any and all of its directors, officers, committee members, employees, agents and other authorized representatives for expenses and other amounts paid in connection with legal proceedings (whether threatened, pending or completed) in which any such persons become involved by reason of their serving in any such capacity for the College. 

Section 2. Insurance

Upon specific authorization by the Board of Directors, the College may purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any or all directors, officers, committee members, employees, agents, or other authorized representatives of the College against any liability asserted against any such person and incurred in any such capacity, or arising out of the status of serving in any such capacity, whether or not the College would have the power to indemnify them against such liability under the provisions of Section 1 of this article.