Councils and Committees

ACOEM Councils  

Councils are the primary governance bodies within ACOEM for programs and projects. Each Council has 10-15 members who are authorized and empowered to develop comprehensive programs in their respective area, subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. Councils are chaired by individuals with the content expertise and demonstrated accomplishments in the general area.

ACOEM Committees

The following committees deal with highly confidential and/or proprietary information. Due to legal and fiduciary responsibilities, these Committees are comprised exclusively of Board members.


The following committees deal with sensitive and confidential materials. Such committees include Board members but may also include selected non-Board members based on expertise and experience, provided that they sign the standard ACOEM confidentially and conflict of interest agreements.

The following committees are open to the entire membership and must include at least one Board member or a Board liaison. 

Intertested in volunteering on a Committee?
Contact Lucy Free, Director of Governance and Engagement, at 847-818-1800, ext. 1373.