Joint Statements/Summit Recommendations

This section includes proceedings and recommendations from ACOEM summits, and joint statements in collaboration with other organizations.
Obesity in the Workplace: Impact, Outcomes, and Recommendations

This joint guidance statement explores the impact of obesity on health costs to determine whether a case can be made for surgical interventions and insurance coverage.

Interaction of Health Care Worker Health and Patient Health and Safety in the US Health Care System: Recommendations from the 2016 Summit

Proceedings from the joint summit (ACOEM and Underwriters Laboratories Integrated Health & Safety Institute) on the Interaction of Health Care Worker Health and Safety on Patient Health and Safety in the US Health Care System held in July 2016.

Global Trends in Occupational Medicine: Results of the International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative Survey

Results from a 2016 IOMSC member survey to help quantify the reach of IOMSC globally and to identify common modes of OM practice and key changes that are occurring in the workplace.

Transforming Workplace Health and Safety through Accountable Care Organizations and the Patient Cent

This document highlights proceedings from the August 2015 ACOEM/UL Summit. It provides insights into the connection between employers and ACOs/PCMHs based on the experiences of three large health care organizations that have created their own ACO/PCMH models to benefit their employees as well as the regional employer populations they serve.

A Response to Proposed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regulations on Employer-Sponsored Health, Safety, and Well-Being Initiatives

This joint consensus statement was developed in response to the EEOC proposed rule of April 20, 2015, that would amend the regulations and interpretive guidance in Title 1 of the ADA as it related to employer wellness programs.

Marijuana in the Workplace: Guidance for Occupational Health Professionals and Employers

This joint guidance document summarizes current evidence on marijuana consumption, discusses possible side effects including temporary impairment in the workplace, reviews existing laws and legal implications, and suggests various strategies available to employers for monitoring workers for marijuana use.

Biometric Health Screening for Employers: Consensus Statement of the Health Enhancement Research Organization, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Care Continuum Alliance

This joint consensus statement from HERO, ACOEM, and the Care Continuum Alliance focuses on biometric screenings and provides guidance on implementing a successful screening program as part of an overall employee health management approach.

Guidance for a Reasonably Designed, Employer-Sponsored Wellness Program Using Outcomes-Based Incentives

This joint consensus paper provides guidance on appropriate use of outcomes-based incentives as part of a wellness program designed to improve health and lower cost while protecting employees from discrimination and unaffordable coverage.