Global Trends in Occupational Medicine: Results of the International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative Survey

In 2013, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (US) and the Society of Occupational Medicine (UK) launched a new initiative aimed at improving global worker health and wellbeing through the exchange of information and ideas. As a first step, the two organizations convened leaders from 18 international occupational medical (OM) societies to discuss mutual issues and concerns in global OM. This meeting led to the establishment of the International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative (IOMSC), an ongoing assembly intended to promote best practices in OM and greater awareness of issues impacting worker health worldwide. Participants are delegates appointed by OM organizations the world over. Since its inception in 2013, IOMSC has grown from 18 societies in 16 countries to a roster that now includes 36 societies in 34 countries. IOMSC member societies represent approximately 40% of the world’s total workforce, defined as the percentage of the working-age population in a country
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