Joint Providership Guidelines

Joint providership of CME activities under ACOEM’s accreditation from the ACCME carries with it the obligation to comply with ACCME’s requirements as specified in the ACCME’s Essential Areas and Elements and Standards for Commercial Support. Failure to follow these requirements can jeopardize ACOEM’s accreditation status with ACCME.

In seeking a joint providership relationship with ACOEM, each applicant must fully understand the obligation they are undertaking. ACOEM will endeavor to continue to provide joint sponsorship of CME with its components and others by providing guidance and resources to ensure compliance with ACCME standards, an inventory of steps to follow, and an itemization of obligations:
  1. Joint providership consideration will be available to ACOEM component medical societies and to other organizations that have established a professional relationship with ACOEM.
  2. Organizations that are defined as commercial interests according to ACCME’s definition are not eligible to apply for joint providership.
  3. Applicants for joint providership must agree to comply with the ACCME’s Essential Areas and Their Elements and Standards for Commercial Support.
  4. Joint providership will normally be considered only for “live events” one hour or longer or for live webinars one hour or longer. Enduring materials and other activity types are specifically excluded although exceptions may be made for jointly provided webinars that are recorded and archived which become enduring materials.
  5. Activities considered for joint providership must be placed primarily for a physician audience where a majority of attendees are expected to be physicians.
  6. Potential joint providers must meet any additional eligibility policies and criteria in place at the time of the application.
  7. Applicants for joint providership must agree to comply with procedures in effect and as determined by the ACOEM Council on Education and Academic Affairs.
  8. ACOEM reserves the right to accept or deny joint providership of individual CME activities at its own discretion.
  9. Payment schedule (where applicable) and deadlines are determined by ACOEM.
  10. Any applicant determined to be noncompliant with ACCME rules and/or ACOEM requirements will undergo review to determine eligibility to participate in future joint providership arrangements with ACOEM.