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ACOEM is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians.

Online learning offers continuing medical education (CME) and detailed information may be found in each of the specific programs. 


Online Learning

Name CME
_Occupational and Environmental Medicine Self-Assessment Tool35.0Register
ABPM Maintenance of Certification - Part 4Register
ACOEM's Maintenance of Certification, Part IV1.0Register
ACOEM's New Mental Health Guidelines: Pearls of Wisdom to Use in Practice1.0Register
ACOEM's Safely Returning to Work Virtual Symposium - Full Event9.0Register
ACOEM's Safely Returning to Work Virtual Symposium Day 1: A Comprehensive Approach to Wholesale Return to Work (RTW) During COVID-19 Pandemic3.0Register
ACOEM's Safely Returning to Work Virtual Symposium Day 2: Biological Science: Role of Medical, Safety, and Industrial Hygiene Professionals3.0Register
ACOEM's Safely Returning to Work Virtual Symposium Day 3: Industry-Specific Return-To-Work Guidance3.0Register
Advancing Universal Access to Occupational Health: The Global Collaboration1.5Register
Algorithms to Identify Patients with Work-related Asthma in Clinical Settings1.0Register
An Innovative Approach to Weaning Opioid Dependent Workers1.0Register
Analysis of the Full Economic Cost for Japanese Encephalitis Under Different Risk Scenarios for Business Travelers to Asia, WH Rogers, et al1.0Register
AOHC Encore 2018 Self Paced Learning ActivityRegister
AOHC Encore 2019 Self Paced Learning Activity119.0Register
Applied and Practical Approaches to Total Worker Health® in Your Workplace1.5Register
Benchmarking in Occupational Health0.75Register
Best Practice for Return-to-Work Following Concussion1.0Register
Best Practices in OEM Clinical Documentation: Improving Patient Outcomes and Public Health1.0Register
Best Practices to Navigate Through the Evolving Privacy Challenges Facing the Corporate Medical Director Operating in Global Jurisdictions0.0Register
Board Certification in OEM1.0Register
Cardiac Risk Stratification and Testing: Current Evidence and Special Populations1.0Register
Challenges for Research and Educational Institution (REI): Diverse Hazards, Ambiguous Structures1.5Register
Challenges Implementing the New OSHA Respirable Silica Standard: Tales from the Trenches of Medical Surveillance1.0Register
Chemical Weapons: What and Why Should You Know About Them1.5Register
Climate Change and Wildfires: Occupational and Community Health Implications with a Focus on Vulnerable Working Groups1.0Register
Clinic Care for Employees: In, Out, Near or Far1.5Register
Coccidioidomycosis/Valley Fever: A Work-Related Disease1.5Register
Collaborative Role and Positive Impact of Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners in OEM: The Occupational Health Team1.5Register
Commercial Driver Medical Examinations: Updates, Issues, and Nuances - Part 11.5Register
Commercial Driver Medical Examinations: Updates, Issues, and Nuances - Part 21.5Register
Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Online Course8.0Register
Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Online Course - Optional CME/MOC component8.0Register
Creating Your Own OEM Elevator Pitch1.5Register
Decision Support in Clinical, Corporate, and Public Health Occupational Systems1.0Register
Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Medical Surveillance Programs1.5Register
Developing a Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Must-Have Tool for the OEM Practitioner1.0Register
Differential Diagnosis and Practical Approaches to Common Musculoskeletal Conditions and How to Know “The Rest of the Story”1.5Register
Digital Privacy of Clinical, Work, and Personal Health Data1.5Register
Effective Design and Implementation of Continuous Process Improvement Projects in the Occupational Health Setting1.5Register
Emergency Management and the Incident Command System for a Clinic Setting1.0Register
Evaluating and Supporting the Impaired Physician: Role of the OEM Physician, Part I1.5Register
Evidence-Based Nutrition Information That You Didn't Learn in Medical School1.5Register
Fitness for Certification of the Merchant Mariner: Fact, Myth and Inuendo0.75Register
Fitness for Duty: Use of Opioid and Benzodiazepine Medications1.0Register
Foundations of Occupational Medicine - Online Training Collection 13.0Register
Foundations of Occupational Medicine - Online Training Collection 23.0Register
Getting Your Patients Back to Work: Work Disability Prevention for Clinicians8.0Register
Global Climate Change: Public Health Risks and Options for Preventive Responses1.0Register
Global Collaborations: NIOSH and Its International Partners1.5Register
Government Affairs Update1.5Register
History and Future of the Migrant and Immigrant Workforce in the US1.0Register
Hot Topics in Occupational Neurology and Neurotoxicology1.5Register
How to Find Reliable Occupational Safety and Health Information Online Efficiently0.5Register
Iatrogenic PTSD: Assessment and Interventions1.5Register
Identifying Patient and Provider Characteristics that Contribute to Opioid Prescribing Variability: From the Source1.5Register
Implementing Telemedicine: Case Studies and Best Practices0.25Register
Introduction to Sleep Disorders for the Occupational Health Professional2.0Register
IOMSC: Mental/Emotional Health in the Workforce - A Global Perspective1.5Register
Issues for Underserved Occupational Populations with Respect to Climate Change1.5Register
JOEM CME Apr 2018: Airway Inflammatory Diseases – Claeson, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Apr 2018: Depressive Symptomatology – Lopes, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Apr 2018: Employment Status/Physical Activity: Maastricht Study – Pulakka, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Apr 2020: Air Pollution, Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Function of Patients With Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillators: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Indoor Versus Outdoor Activity, L Liu, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Apr 2020: An Approach to Hazardous Medication Surveillance, LE Breeher and HL Stonelake-French1.0Register
JOEM CME Apr 2020: Evaluation of Interventions to Reduce Firefighter Exposures, JL Burgess, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Aug 2018: Cardio-respiratory Effects of Air Pollution in Winter Activity – Stieb, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Aug 2018: Cost Effectiveness of a Weight Management Program – Corso, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Aug 2018: Workplace Violence Against Hospital Workers – Arnetz, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Aug 2020: Health Economic Evaluation of an Influenza Vaccination Program to Prevent Sick Leave in Employees: A Prospective Cohort Study, N Lutz, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Aug 2020: Leadership Quality and Risk of Long-Term Sickness Absence Among 53,157 Employees of the Danish Workforce, JK Sørensen, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Aug 2020: Paid Sick Leave and Sleep: An Analysis of U.S. Adult Workers, CC Collins, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Dec 2018: Meteorological Factors and Air Pollutants in Atrial Fibrillation – Ahn, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME Dec 2018: Pulmonary Function Impairment from Exposure to Organic Solvents – Hwang, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME Dec 2018: Reliability of Common Provocative Tests for Shoulder Tendinitis – Doxey, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME Dec 2019: Economic Evaluation of an Intervention Promoting Adoption of Occupational Sun Protection Policies, RT Meenan, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Dec 2019: Sociodemographic and Job Characteristics Influence Environmental Strategies Used to Manage Workplace Sleepiness, R Zadeh, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Dec 2019: The Predicted Impact of Adopting Health-Promoting Behaviors on Disease Burden in a Commercially-Insured Population, TE Kottke, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2018: Disinfection Exposures and Craniofacial Birth Defects – Kaufman, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2018: Economic Evaluation of OSH Interventions – Grimani, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2018: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Rossi & Pitidis1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2019: Extracellular Histones Promote Pulmonary Fibrosis in Patients with Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis, Zhang, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2019: Paid Sick Leave Benefits and Adherence to Recommended Screeni1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2020 Nerve Function Impairment After Acute Vibration Exposure, A Löfgren, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2020: Direct, Absenteeism, and Disability Cost Burden of Obesity Am1.0Register
JOEM CME Feb 2020: Preadmission Exposure to Air Pollution and 90-Day Mortality1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2018: Flexible Work – Olsen, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2018: Impact of Obesity on Work Productivity in US Occupations – Kudel, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2018: Online Resilience Training – Smith, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2018: Online Resilience Training – Smith, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2019: Effects of Repeated Exposure to Zinc-/Copper Welding Fumes1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2019: Greater Odds for Angina in Uranium Miners Than Nonuranium Min1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2020: Development and Validity of a Workplace Health Promotion Best1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2020: Night Shift Working Is Associated with an Increased Risk of T1.0Register
JOEM CME Jan 2020: Prevalence of Chronic Multisymptom Illness/Gulf War Illness1.0Register
JOEM CME July 2018: PM2.5 and Ozone and Prevalence of Diabetes — Hernandez, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME July 2018: Supporting Health of Low Socioeconomic Status Employees – Parrish, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME July 2018: Work-related Determinants of Burnout in German Employees – Müller, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME July 2020: Association Functional MRI Studies of Resting-State Amplitude of Low Frequency Fluctuation and Voxel-Based Morphometry in Patients with Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, R-r Huang, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME July 2020: Serum Metabolites in Hand-Arm Vibration Exposed Workers, P Vihlborg, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME July 2020:Metabolic Syndrome in Commercial Truck Drivers: Prevalence, Associated Factors, and Comparison with the General Population, R Robbins et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2018: How Many Paid Sick Days Are Enough? — DeRigne, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2018: Pulmonary Impairment in Microwave Popcorn Workers – Park, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2018: Smoking Cessation Associated with Lower Indirect Costs – Goren, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2019: Association Between Depression, Lung Function, and Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Asthma and Occupational Asthma, Paine, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2019: Impact of a Caregiver-Friendly Workplace Policy Intervention: A Prospective Economic Evaluation, Mofidi, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2019: Impacts of Adherence to Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines for the Management of Acute Low Back Pain on Costs of Worker’s Compensation Claims, Owens, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2020: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Changes Over 5 Years Among Male and Female US Firefighters, DL Smith, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2020: Job Demands and Job Control and Future Labor Market Situation: An 11-Year Prospective Study of 2.2 Million Employees, K Farrants et al1.0Register
JOEM CME June 2020: Spirometric Abnormalities and Lung Function Decline in Current and Former Microwave Popcorn and Current Flavoring Manufacturing Workers, JM Cox-Ganser, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2018: Benefits of Workplace Wellness Program Canada – Lowensteyn, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2018: Economic Burden of Bladder Cancer – Jung1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2018: Risk Management Interventions in US Mining – Griffin, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2019: Cardiovascular Risk Factor Reduction in First Responders Resulting from an Individualized Lifestyle and Blood Test Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Gill, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2019: Occupational Physical Activity Opposes Obesity: A Cross-Secti1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2019: The Contributions Made by Job Satisfaction and Psychosocial Stress to the Development and Persistence of Depressive Symptoms: A 1-year Prospective Study, Tatsuse, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2020: Occupational Differences in C-Reactive Protein Among Working-Age Adults in South Korea, Y Kim, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Mar 2020: Professional Recognition at Work: The Protective Role of Esteem, Respect, and Care for Burnout Among Employees, D Renger, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME March 2020: Can Workplace Rest Breaks Prevent Work-Related Injuries Related to Long Working Hours? S Park, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME May 2018: Airborne Particulate Matter – Thompson1.0Register
JOEM CME May 2018: Hydraulic Fracturing and Human Health – Wright & Muma1.0Register
JOEM CME May 2018: Measuring Best Practices for Workplace – Sorensen, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME May 2020: Does Organization Matter for Health? The Association Between Workplace Social Capital and Self-Rated Health, S Han, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME May 2020: Obesity Increases Costs with Productivity Loss due to Disability Retirements, Independent of Physical Activity: A Cohort Study, MYC Araujo, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME May 2020: Opioid Use Disorder and Employee Work Presenteeism, Absences, and Health Care Costs, RM Henke1.0Register
JOEM CME Nov 2018: Joint Assn of Overweight and Common Mental Disorders – Svärd, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME Nov 2018: Medical Claims | Wellness Program Participation– Merrill1.0Register
JOEM CME Nov 2018: Sun Safe Workplaces: Occupational Skin Cancer Prevention – Walkosz, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME Nov 2019: Defining a Culture of Health in the Workplace, R Safeer, J Allen1.0Register
JOEM CME Nov 2019: Literature Review of Policy Implications from Findings of the Center for Work, Health and Well-being, MA López Gómez, et alRegister
JOEM CME Nov 2019:Direct and Indirect Cost of Obesity among the Privately Insured in the United States: A Focus on the Impact by Type of Industry, A Ramasamy, et alRegister
JOEM CME Oct 2018: EBUS-TBNA Cytology Specimens – Pattison, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Oct 2018: Reducing Lethal Force Errors by Modulating Police Physiology – Andersen, et al.1.0Register
JOEM CME Oct 2018: Vibration in Animal Model of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome – Krajnak & Waugh1.0Register
JOEM CME Oct 2019: Does Social Capital in the Workplace Predict Job Performance, Work Engagement and Psychological Wellbeing? A Prospective Analysis, T Clausen, et alRegister
JOEM CME Oct 2019: The Effects of Exposure Time on Systemic Inflammation in Subjects with Exposure to Zinc- and Copper-Containing Brazing Fumes, P Brand, et alRegister
JOEM CME Oct 2019: Utilization of an Employee Behavioral Health Program and its Effects on Outcomes for Depression and Anxiety Disorders, D Maeng, et alRegister
JOEM CME Sept 2018: Intervention to Reduce Workplace Sitting Time – Maylor, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Sept 2018: Long Hours and High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein in Older Individuals – Kim, et al1.0Register
JOEM CME Sept 2018: Work Absenteeism and Non-Cardiac Chest Pain – Félin-Germain, et al1.0Register
JOEM Feb 2019: Improvements in an Org Culture - CME1.0Register
Landing the “Perfect” Occupational Medicine Job - Webinar Recording1.0Register
Marijuana and the Workplace: The Ongoing Saga - Webinar Recordings1.0Register
Me, Too/You, Too? Gender Bias in OEM: An Uncommon Dialog Between Women and Men1.5Register
Medical Review Officer (MRO) Assistant Course0.0Register
Medical Review Officer Online Course with Live Discussion - Includes Digital Syllabus18.5Register
Medical Review Officer Online Course with Live Discussion - Includes Print and Digital Syllabus18.5Register
Military OEM Consultants Update1.0Register
Moral Injury, Institutional Betrayal, and Institutional Courage: A Primer for Occupational and Environmental Medicine Practitioners1.0Register
MRO Assistant0.0Register
MRO Controversies1.5Register
MRO Update: New US DHHS Mandatory Guidelines and DOT Drug Testing Regulations2.0Register
Musculoskeletal Conditions: What Are Your Beliefs About Diagnosis and Treatment1.0Register
Myofascial Pain Part II, Theory and Practice – Relationship to Regional and Central Pain mechanisms, Clinical Management implications and demonstration of therapeutic tools (Trigger Point Injections, Myofascial Release, etc.)2.0Register
Myofascial Pain Syndrome: Latest EBM Literature on Treatments, Prevalence, Pathophysiology, and Diagnosis 304 - Update on Suture Techniques: Skill Workshop from Basic to Advanced1.0Register
National and Regional Trends Affecting the Management and Administration of Occupational Medicine Programs1.0Register
Navigating Employment Opportunities and Issues for the New Occupational Medicine Provider1.0Register
New CDC Guidelines on TB Screening for Health Care Personnel: Update, Commentary and Discussion1.5Register
Obtaining Meaningful Mental Health Evaluations and Treatment for Patients Who Need Them1.0Register
Occupational and Environmental Self-Assessment ToolRegister
Occupational Health Care of Animal Workers1.5Register
Occupational Health for Theater Occupations1.0Register
Occupational Heat Illness: Past, Present, and Future1.5Register
Occupational Medicine Board Review Online Course - Includes Digital Syllabus only14.0Register
Occupational Medicine Board Review Online Course - Includes Printed Copy and Digital Syllabus14.0Register
Occupational Medicine Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned From the Trenches of Business1.5Register
Occupational Respiratory Surveillance: 2019 Update1.0Register
OSHA Recordability1.0Register
OSHA’s New National Emphasis Program: Respirable Crystalline Silica1.75Register
Pathology for Practicing Occupational Medicine Physicians1.0Register
Pesticides: Treatment, Surveillance, and Risk Communication1.5Register
Power Pharma: The Pharmacotherapeutic Anatomy of a Pain Patient - Part I1.5Register
Preparing for Work Related Health Problems Associated with Climate Change Webinar1.0Register
Preventing Physician Burnout: Role of the OEM Physician, Part I1.5Register
Public Safety Medicine, Part I: Controversies and Problems1.5Register
Public Safety Medicine, Part II: Latest Guidance and Changes1.5Register
Quality Assurance and Governance in Occupational Health1.5Register
Resident Research Abstract Presentations3.0Register
RETAIN and Occ Med: Update on $100 Million Federal SAW/RTW Project1.0Register
Sex Work: Who and What Are Really Getting Served?1.0Register
Skin Care: Best Practice for Prevention of Occupational Hand Eczema1.5Register
Sleep Disorders and the Workplace: Identification, Treatment, and the Economic Impact1.5Register
Stump the Chumps in Medical Center Occupational Health1.5Register
Successful Application of Evidence-Based Workers' Compensation Best Practices: The Erickson Living Experience1.0Register
TED4: The Cutting Edge of OEM1.5Register
The ACOEM Program for ABPM Certified Physicians to Meet Transitional Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) Requirements0.5Register
The Employer's Role in Using Research-Based Health Care Evidence1.0Register
The Environment: Global Disease, Water, and the Plastic Tsunami2.0Register
The Future of Work: Risks and Opportunities - C.O. Sappington Memorial Lecture1.0Register
The Independent Medical Evaluation1.0Register
The Role of Life Purpose in Health and Organizational Performance1.0Register
The Spillway Failure of Oroville Dam: A Lesson in Living with Aging Infra-structure and Its Environmental Impact1.0Register
Under Pressure: A Live Demonstration of Direct Testimony and Cross-Examination of a Physician1.5Register
Understanding the Epidemic of Obesity: Etiology, Workplace Impacts, and Medical Management1.5Register
Updates in Clinical Medicine1.0Register
Utilization Review: Focus and Training for the Peer Reviewer1.5Register
When 20/20 Is Not Enough: In-depth Color and Functional Vision Evaluations for Safety-Critical Workers1.5Register
When Sun Becomes “No Fun”: Bringing “Light” to Psoralens and Phytophotodermatitis1.0Register
Workers’ Compensation Best Practices: ACOEM Pearls and Projects to Support the Practicing Clinician1.5Register
Workplace Investigations: NIOSH1.5Register
Workplace Investigations: OSHA1.5Register
Workplace Violence Prevention in the Hospital Setting1.5Register
World Class Workplace Violence Prevention Program: Managing the Unmanageable, 24/71.5Register